Executive Screening Compliance At A Glance

When conducting background screenings and pre-employment investigations, it’s imperative that your organization maintains strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Bishops Services has created this at-a-glance guide to help you better understand some of the laws governing screening by industry. View the Guide

High Impact Hires

Hidden Risks & How to Mitigate Them During the Hiring Process High impact hires are those with essential roles within an organization that directly impact results and have a high level of access to information, and that can have associated risks. Depending on the industry, results can be measured in terms other than purely financial. This white paper is designed to help businesses of all sizes identify these “high impact hires”, and better understand the due diligence processes needed to mitigate risks in the hiring process. Get The White Paper View the Infographic

Don’t Let The Suit Fool You 5 Must-Haves When Screening High-Profile Job Candidates

The majority of corporate crime does not originate in the mailroom. It’s born in the boardroom. It’s the sales directors, the VPs, the C-level and, yes, the board of directors who are entrusted to lead your company. You cannot afford to hand the reigns over to a crook. But it’s often in the hiring of these high-profile candidates where most companies and recruiting firms fail. Candidates for senior and C-level positions often have extensive job histories, working for many years, often with several companies and living and traveling throughout the world. A standard background check isn’t enough. You need to perform a full executive investigation. It’s a miniscule investment of time and money compared with how much is on the line. Get The White Paper View the Infographic

Managing Risk in a Global Marketplace

Understanding the International Landscape for Pre-Employment Background Screening As the workforce becomes more global, hiring decisions are taking on an increasingly international dimension. While the need for an organization to carry out background checks on its candidates remains important, an organization’s background screening program should reflect the international trend in a more globalized workforce and accommodate cross-border elements. In this white paper, we examine the international legislative landscape for background screening as it can often appear complex and difficult to understand, even for organizations with experience of grappling with international compliance issues. Get The White Paper