Knowing the background of specialist candidate roles is critical.

Today, checking the backgrounds of executive level candidates is a necessity in every sector, and every type of business or government agency. Bishops is the investigative partner that thousands of private sector businesses and public sector agencies turn to for critical human capital assessments, because of our:

  • Over 100 years of investigative experience
  • Designation of a full team of investigators, headed by a senior team leader, to each and every case
  • Access to cutting edge technology and vast database sources through Sterling Talent Solutions’ proprietary products
  • Cost-effective and tailor-made reports

Uncover what your candidates won’t tell you.

Candidates don’t always reveal facts that might jeopardize their chances at landing the job instead of candidacy. For instance, they may not acknowledge their prior acceptance of a no-compete agreement, or a contractual obligation.

Bishops recognizes that uncovering the things candidates don’t volunteer could be a key determinant in your hiring decision, such as:

  • Falsified Resumes
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • A Litigious Past
  • Insider Trading
  • Criminal Records
  • Debt, Liens or Judgments
  • Improper Licensing
  • Embezzlement, Misappropriation of Funds, or Kick-backs
  • Chronic Short Term Employment
  • Gaps In Employment

Every hire is a big decision, and hinges on thorough knowledge of your candidate.  That’s why big decisions are based on Bishops.