Know the risks before you close the deal.

Companies about to merge or acquire another business have legitimate concern about discovering embarrassing issues that could lead to media debacles or PR nightmares at lightning speed.

To avoid this, many companies turn to Bishops to conduct Mergers & Acquisitions Investigations before closing a deal. Bishops has both the experience and expertise to uncover important hidden facts about a business that could harm your company’s reputation, brand or customers:

Swift, cost-efficient, individually tailored service.

When deadlines loom, you want a partner who will meet your turn-around times without sacrificing accuracy or attention to detail. With more than 115 years of experience, Bishops is the most skilled due diligence investigation company in the U.S.

Bishops’ investigations are tailored to your needs. The facts we gather are not forced into cookie-cutter templates or presented as indiscriminant data compilations, like those delivered by other investigators. Our data is of greater volume and insight because of our unique relationship with Sterling Talent Solutions, one of the world’s leading providers of background screening services. We have exclusive access to Sterling’s advanced technologies and databases which, along with our on-the-ground investigators, help us uncover:

  • Reputations of company principals and key shareholders
  • Qualifications of transitional managers
  • Partnership controls
  • Media exposure, past and present
  • Debt, liens and solvency issues
  • Tax liabilities
  • Regulatory violations
  • History of litigation
  • Proper licensing
  • Shell company issues
  • Arrests and criminal activity

Bishops is skilled at international investigations.

International investigations are complex and multi-jurisdictional and require a partner who can overcome these challenges. Bishops has built trusted relationships with local assets who are well-versed in our stringent requirements and know how to navigate bureaus, ministries and agencies while complying with applicable laws and regulations. No matter how far-flung the investigation, Bishops has a seasoned team of specialized investigators at the ready.